Library Facility

The college has a Central Library with more than 15000 books for both Honours and General level degree course of all the subjects available in the college. It has an adjacent reading room too. A few years back, the Central Library was shifted to a newly constructed more spacious library building. Computerization and extension of the library activities along with a bunch of other services including computer, printing, internet and photocopying facilities are in the pipeline.

A Departmental Library for English has been opened at the Departmental room for the benefit of the students of English Honours. The books, more than 150 in number, are well-edited textbooks, criticism or reference books edited or written by eminent writers, critics and scholars. This is an open access library and the students can consult any number of books any time. The ex-students of the department are also welcome to use the library for on-spot reading.

Laboratory Facility

All the five Science subjects available in the college run the Honours course. All these five laboratories and the laboratory of the Geography department have been renovated to a very great extent. Some of them have been housed in a more spacious newly constructed laboratory rooms and all of them have been strengthened with modern equipments and materials.

UGC Network Resource Centre

Very soon the college is going to inaugurate a UGC Network Resource Centre funded by UGC under XIth 5-year plan. The center will help, as per the guidelines of UGC itself, to “create awareness among and to give exposure to staff and students about the use of computer in various activities like administration, finance, examination and research”. Besides, the internet connectivity would help the students and teachers of the college to have an access to different materials related to teaching and learning.

Computer Facility

The Department of Mathematics has developed a Computer Laboratory for the benefit of the students of Mathematics department. All the departments, both Science and Arts, have computer facilities of their own. The college has the internet connectivity through broadband. The LCD projector of the college is used in seminars, conferences, film shows and in class lectures too.

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